Born in Yonkers and raised in Newburgh, NY, Puerto Rican filmmaker, Brandon Arroyo, taught himself the value of opportunity through hard work and persistence. Raised in a home where the power of voice, thought, and ingenuity were always present, Brandon was able to craft new ways to excel and grow as an artist. Graduating from Newburgh Free Academy with full pursuit of big dreams and bold moves, Brandon attended the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Manhattan. Here was where he discovered the hunger for something bigger and the start of his collaborative future with VALLETO. After maintaining a close relationship with Valeria Gonzalez and leaving NYIT to attend the SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory, Brandon has captured the raw talent of VALLETO in their first two shows: Inner Dialogue and #Voids.

As a full time student in the Purchase Film Conservatory, Brandon’s narrative film work aims to grasp the understanding of the human/empathetic condition and place it in unique worlds with complex characters. It is a his mission to work on projects that have voice, that have experience built into feelings, and that speak to a conglomerate of ideas/issues relevant in individuals or the world. Since graduating high school, Brandon has been creating solutions for when there has been a need. “We aspire to learn more, be more, and create more. Those that are hungry, those that are sponges trying to absorb and learn more outside of themselves. Embracing the world. Those are people I could admire. It takes awhile before we reach that, and I know I’m young... so I have a lot of exploring to do."