Defying systems of oppression, VALLETO creates thought-provoking contemporary dance theater works that tackle themes that are relatable to every human.   Founded in 2014, the organization fearlessly addresses the female psyche and experience, empowering our dancers and communities through contemporary dance, performances, collaboration, projects, education, and activism. We aim to redefine the very essence of dance, showcasing its capacity to connect, inspire, and disrupt.

VALLETO impacts and inspires.

VALLETO is led by Mexican-American choreographer Valeria Y Gonzalez. Her personal experiences growing up in a machista country her inquiry into justice, gender equality, freedom of expression, sexism, and diversity were crucial to founding VALLETO and subsequently creating a platform for dance artists to express themselves freely. 

VALLETO comprises 3 branches: the company, the heal project, and our education platform.


"Her highly personal choreographic methods excavate emotion, memory, and relationships to discover movement and structure. Her unique process and dance theater sensibility lead to dances that are very affecting; each work exists in an intriguing, singular world. Valeria is also unafraid to take artistic risks while being open to feedback that strengthens her work."

Sean Curran





VALLETO is a community of strong, curious, and ambitious women and non-binary
individuals redefining the contemporary dance world. We are the architects of our own destiny, crafting our future through our own choices and actions. We believe in
building authentic and enduring relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. We refuse to be bound by the limitations of societal norms or
expectations as we forge our own path toward success and fulfillment. We embrace
diversity and inclusivity, recognizing that our differences make us stronger and more resilient. Together, we create a community that is supportive and empowering. We aim to transform our communities through our art, inspire audiences, and challenge patriarchal systems through movement. We are unapologetic in our beliefs and values and support women and non-binary liberation by creating new progressive platforms for dance.



_ Inspiration, connection, and empowerment through a safe and welcoming environment for dance artists
_ Create work that challenges systems of oppression and work that spark emotional responses. 

_The creation of progressive possibilities for the dance world.


VALLETO envisions a future where dance empowers and inspires, where innovation, creativity, and diversity intersect to transcend traditional norms. We aim to redefine the very essence of dance, showcasing its capacity to connect, inspire, and disrupt.


"VALLETO celebrates all aspects of the divine feminine power. Valeria asks of her dancers to be vulnerable, to explore the strength, sensuality, sexuality and the many layers that make us the complex creatures that we are."

Luciana Johnson



"VALLETO has given me an opportunity to unleash the most honest and vulnerable version of myself. Engaging with artists across the globe is a true blessing, and I am so proud of the environment that we have built together."

Megan Siepka



VALLETO, a company of unparalleled distinction, brings together a mosaic of exceptional professional dance artists from diverse backgrounds each season. With a passion for exploring the human experience, the company blazes a trail in contemporary dance, crafting pioneering performance works that challenge conventional notions and stimulate meaningful discourse.

The choreographic process at VALLETO is a collaborative endeavor driven by a constant pursuit of artistic partnerships and experimentation. Through the fusion of relationships, imagination, memories, conversations, and music, the company pushes the limits of creativity and expands the boundaries of possibility. The result is a breathtaking manifestation of diverse experiences and identities, emphasizing the complexities and beauty of femininity.

"It has been so refreshing and inspiring to work with this strong and unapologetic community of women! Valeria encourages us all to be the truest versions of ourselves, and pushes us to not just be but indulge in who we are. In every rehearsal, I find myself deep in states of myself that I don’t often access -- fragile, raw, gross, sexy, quiet, broken, free. Watching the other women of VALLETO find these extreme parts of themselves has been a privilege and I can’t wait to create more beauty with all of them!"

Abby Corrigan



The VALLETO Heal project is a holistic haven, offering a safe and inclusive space for individuals from all walks of life to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. With guidance from Valeria and a talented roster of guest healers, the platform provides a rich tapestry of embodied workshops, profound discussions, impactful projects, and rejuvenating retreats.

VALLETO Heal facilitates various transformative sessions and workshops, each exploring the healing potential of movement, somatics, meditation, journaling, energy work, and a range of complementary practices. Empowering individuals to reclaim their health and well-being, the VALLETO Heal project is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change.


The VALLETO Intensives, held every two years, are a glittering opportunity for dance enthusiasts worldwide to hone their skills and elevate their artistry. Each summer, the intensive welcomes semi-professional dancers to a breathtakingly immersive program that nurtures their craft through dance, holistic practices, and collaborative experiences with fellow dancers.

With an emphasis on artistic incubation, VALLETO Intensives offer a one-of-a-kind dance training experience, culminating in a live performance that showcases the talented participants' hard-work, growth, and mastery. A true celebration of the human spirit and the boundless potential of contemporary dance, the VALLETO Intensives are not to be missed.

Our Core Values:

Creativity, Passion, Empathetic Listening, Innovation, Respect, Integrity, Vulnerability,
and Self-Discipline.



"VALLETO has helped me reinvigorate my passion for dance, humanity, and self-love during a time that is desperately lacking in those things. I was drawn to this company & Valeria by her unapologetic passion and powerful art. When I am with these beautiful artists in rehearsal, it doesn't matter that we aren't in a shared space. I feel able to connect to my art, vulnerability, femininity, and my fellow dancers. VALLETO really can heal."

Mia Wenger