VALLETO, founded in 2014, is an organization that focuses on the empowerment of women through contemporary dance, performances, collaboration, community projects, education, and activism.

VALLETO is led by Mexican American choreographer Valeria Valleto. Her inquiry in gender equality, freedom of expression, sexism, and diversity were crucial to founding VALLETO, and subsequently making it an all-female dance company.


"Her highly personal choreographic methods excavate emotion, memory, and relationships to discover movement and structure. Her unique process and dance theater sensibility lead to dances that are very affecting; each work exists in an intriguing, singular world. Valeria is also unafraid to take artistic risks while being open to feedback that strengthens her work."

Sean Curran



VALLETO is a dance community of strong, radical, and unique women who aspire to make a difference in the dance world.

Our core values include: Safety, Inclusivity, Movement Research, Empathetic Listening, Communication, Fun, Integrity, Honesty, Playful Exploration, and Respect.

"VALLETO celebrates all aspects of the divine feminine power. Valeria asks of her dancers to be vulnerable, to explore the strength, sensuality, sexuality and the many layers that make us the complex creatures that we are."

Luciana Johnson



"VALLETO has given me an opportunity to unleash the most honest and vulnerable version of myself. Engaging with artists across the globe is a true blessing, and I am so proud of the environment that we have built together."

Megan Siepka


Our MISSION is to INSPIRE, to bridge the divides between cultures, to empower women, to create exceptional dance training workshops, to create touching, moving and extraordinary dance performances, initiatives, dance workshops, and events that leave a transformative experience.

Our VISION is an extraordinary repertoire of innovative dance performances, and a global community of dancers and artists who create a radical positive difference for WOMEN.

"It has been so refreshing and inspiring to work with this strong and unapologetic community of women! Valeria encourages us all to be the truest versions of ourselves, and pushes us to not just be but indulge in who we are. In every rehearsal, I find myself deep in states of myself that I don’t often access -- fragile, raw, gross, sexy, quiet, broken, free. Watching the other women of VALLETO find these extreme parts of themselves has been a privilege and I can’t wait to create more beauty with all of them!"

Abby Corrigan


VALLETO produces provocative, experimental, physical, theatrical and emotionally charged dance productions for the international stage.

VALLETO is composed of the company and the heal initiative.

Valeria has created over 15 works in New York City for the company, musicians, and has taught workshops in various cities in the United States and Mexico. As a process-oriented dance company, VALLETO becomes a playground for senses, imagination, identity and politics deeply explored. Valeria takes the private and personal into the public embracing the collaboration within the artists involved in each production.


"VALLETO has helped me reinvigorate my passion for dance, humanity, and self-love during a time that is desperately lacking in those things. I was drawn to this company & Valeria by her unapologetic passion and powerful art. When I am with these beautiful artists in rehearsal, it doesn't matter that we aren't in a shared space. I feel able to connect to my art, vulnerability, femininity, and my fellow dancers. VALLETO really can heal."

Mia Wenger



"You don't become a feminist; you are born a feminist. No one is born believing that women deserve less rights than others - the patriarchy teaches us that. Everyone is born a feminist and you either remain a feminist or you become a misogynist."

- Farida D.