Summer Intensives

VALLETO, founded in 2014, is a non-profit organization
that focuses on the empowerment of women through
contemporary dance, performances, collaboration,
community projects, education, and activism.

VALLETO is led by Mexican American choreographer Valeria Valleto. Her inquiry
in gender equality, freedom of expression, sexism, and diversity were crucial to
founding VALLETO, and subsequently making it an all-female dance company.

VALLETO is now composed of the compa-
ny, the ensemble and the heal initiative.

Valeria has created over 15 works in New York City for
the company, musicians, and has taught workshops in
various cities in the United States and Mexico.

As a process-oriented dance company, VALLETO
becomes a playground for senses, imagination,
identity and politics deeply explored.

Valeria takes the private and personal into the public embracing
the collaboration within the artists involved in each production.

VALLETO produces provocative, experi-
mental, physical, theatrical and emotional-
ly charged dance productions for the inter-
national stage.