VALLETO bianual intensives are a global and inclusive transformative dance training program that is offered in Miami and New York City.

This rigourous and healing intensive is led by Valeria Gonzalez, and guest emerging international choreographers, and guest speakers. It is aimed at empowering women to be game changers and rule makers in their own environments. This one of a kind intensive combines the healing powers of community with the trainings that is required for contemporary dancers today. Every dancer will be immersed in research, mentorship, guided self-discoveries, and dance techniques such as, Contemporary, Floorwork and Improvisation.

Intensive: January 10th - January 22nd 


January 10th - January 22nd

Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm

Performance: Saturday Evening on January 22nd 

Location: Miami 

Price: $650

**we have a four part payment plan available through sezzle**

This 2-week intensive will provide dancers with the professional experience of working with renowned emerging choreographers, an artistic statement, and a physical trained body. Intermediate and advanced dancers from all over the globe are welcome to apply.

Dancers will also be mentored one-on-one during the intensive, and much more!

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will close when all spots have been filled. 

We have a four part payment plan available through Sezzle. 

Valeria Gonzalez


Contemporary Methods | Embodied Leadership Mentorship


Monica Steffey


Untamed Curiosities (USA)

Monica Steffey is a Brooklyn based dancer, choreographer, and community activist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Dance from Skidmore College where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. Monica is a Company Dancer with Soluq Dance Theater and has danced for VIVO Ballet, Amirov Dance Theater, and HIVE Dance Company. In addition to working with these companies Monica has studied and performed internationally in Israel, Hungary, and Ghana. She has performed works by Ohad Naharin, Sidra Bell, Paul Taylor, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Shen Wei, Jason Ohlberg, Erika Pujic, and Ali Kenner Brodsky. She has also worked as a Teaching Assistant for Enzo Celli at both Peridance International Dance Center and Steps on Broadway.

In 2020, Monica premiered her movement research theories in Santa Cruz, California, with HIVE Dance Company, exploring empathetic emotional extremes through movement and connection. In the midst of the pandemic, Monica founded Wet Hairy Women, a project focused on curating artwork that exposes and questions the raw truths of womanhood. She is also a co-founder of Community Art Share, an online platform/space for artists to share their projects, ideas, questions, and to give feedback. In addition to her work performing and creating, Monica spent the past 6 months leading one of the largest vaccination efforts across all five boroughs of NYC in reaching marginalized communities. For her newest initiative, Monica is developing a physical research program, Leadership Training for Dancers.

Monica’s class is provocative, expressive, and open. Her movement classes break the norms of traditional movement styles and pedagogical structures. Every class is different and greatly determined by the people in the room. Monica bases her movement research in questions that reveal truths about the human condition. Within a guided improvisational format, Monica explores what it means to tap into our innate curiosities and find our voices as artists and activists. What do you want to say? What do you need to share? A playground for the inner child to liberate, anything goes. Judgement is left at the door, and boundary-breaking self-discoveries are made. Monica’s class invites the unapologetic, uninterrupted, and untamed fire within all of us to speak. 

"Working with Valleto is always intense. Val is an intense person herself, and she embraces this part of her in her work. Her deep connection to her sexuality and her mission to unleash the inner sexual demon we all have in us allows a unique experience to shine through. Working with Val makes you realize you’re more badass than you know. She does this with incredible finess and ease, like she was made to bring about kings, queens and majestic beings in the world through her wild mind and incredibly emotional workshopping. Valleto is otherworldly."

Jensen Springer


"I feel like I grew so much from this intensive, not just as a dancer, but as a human being. We really pushed ourselves physically, but I always felt safe and supported. Everybody involved was able to tap into this really beautiful vulnerability and have the support of everybody in the room. Those moments are so magical because it is so rare and truthful. You feel safe to take risks and push beyond your limits because you know everybody is there for you."

Rachel Lovett






Paulina Espinosa

Flying Low (Artistic Exchange with Mexico)


Isela Quintana

Floorwork (Artistic Exchange with Mexico)


Two in seven billion

Floorwork (USA)


Monica Steffey

Untamed Curiosities (USA)


Two in seven billion

Floorwork (USA)



Ashley Robicheaux

Contemporary Forms (USA)
Sleep No More


Stephanie Langdon

Improv (Chile / TLV)


Talya Sato

Ballet & Ballet Body Training


Emma Evelein

Contemporary (Amsterdam)



Elia Mrak

Flying Low


Layne Willis

Sleep No More


Jacob Wollos

Sound Designer

"My goal is to create a safe space for the participants to learn in detail and receive personal feedback from our guest artists and myself. I curated this intensive with a variety of techniques and styles to provide a broader insight of the contemporary dance world."

Valeria Gonzalez