Location: Jack Crystal Theatre, New York, NY

All women in me are, delves into all facets of the experience of domestic violence while simultaneously exploring a sexual overtone.

MAR 2017


All Women in Me Are:

a Dramatic Study of the Impact of Domestic Violence

The curtain rises to reveal a pile of dancers strewn about like human trash on the floor, center stage. All the dancers are clad in stunningly scintillating silver costumes with wigs of differing lengths and colors, which further highlights the diversity of the group. Isadora Elmira lies on her stomach downstage left, and Claire You stands facing upstage nearby, dancing toward the scrim as if she’s dancing in her living room alone. Both of these dancers, well featured throughout the piece, are the standouts that bring continuity to the theme of domestic violence.

As the story unfolds, the audience realizes that the soloists represent just a few of countless women who endure abuse from a partner, and the pain of one clearly impacts many. The music and lighting create a nightmare-ish experience for Elmira, who descends into the world of crippling abuse with strength and as much grace as possible, all things considered. The other nine women in the cast support her as much as they can, despite their own tumultuous experiences with similar obstacles. Near the end of the piece, Elmira is lifted up in the shape of a crucifix by the group and removed from the stage. The group continues on and splits into trios, which explore a wonderful range of textures, tempi, and levels, the returns to Elmira, who can barely function because of the violence in which she is immersed. At the end of the piece, Elmira wakes up with a start from the nightmare, in turn waking up the audience to the issue at hand.

Choreographer Valeria Gonzalez does it again with yet another heart-wrenching piece about real-world issues, and leaves the audience breathless. Her highly theatrical work interprets the domestic violence issue in a fresh way, with movement vocabulary that feels modern while simultaneously exploring a sexual overtone. This piece delves into all facets of the experience of domestic violence with a refreshing human element, a similar theme in all the work I have previously experienced from this choreographer.




Choreography/Concept: Valeria Y. Gonzalez

Performers: Claire You, Kirsten Coco, Lorena Perez, Meghann Padgett, Isadora Elmira, Sierra Stewart, Lydia Perakis, Taylor Walker, Sabrina Karlin.

Costume Design: Cassie Mills Make up: Cassie Mills

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