SOS (Work in progress)

Date. Nov 11, 2017
Duration: 70 min (no intermission)
Location. Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center, Gibney Dance, New York, NY

SOS is an evening length work that explored an uncharted, otherworldly space where the nature of the soul is in chaos.

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Artistic Direction/Concept: Valeria Y. Gonzalez

Choreography: Valeria Y. Gonzalez in collaboration with performers

Performers: Devon Travis, Gianna DiGirolamo, Kat Rodriguez, Ayaha Otsuka, Jessica Alexander, Quetzal Arias, Allison Metts, Selina Shida Hack, and Alejandra Dominguez.

Rehearsal Director: Allison Metts

Rehearsal Assistant to Director: Danielle Alvarez

Composer: Madeleine Cocolas

Lighting Design: Keegan Butler

Costume Design: Cassie Mills