Join VALLETO's Artistic Director Valeria for her weekly classes in a studio in Wynwood, and Midtown!


When: Every Wednesday starting March 16th

Cost: Sliding scale $8-$20

Where: Wynwood and Midtown Miami


Valeria's classes take you on a physical and sensorial journey to awaken the unconscious, and emotional inner knowledge. Valeria cultivates a safe space for the students to have a deeper connection to the movement practices. Her workshops also focus on exploring partnering dynamics, undoing old movement habits, and unveiling the psyche through a variety of contemporary dance methodologies, improvisation, and acting methods. Her goal is to invite the students to have more awareness of their bodies, their minds, and their spirits to find freedom in the uncomfortable. Valeria encourages her dancers to tap into their imaginations, and their desires for unapologetic self expression.


She also includes:

ºHolistic Approaches (Meditation)


ºEmbodiment Practices

ºDiscovering What Is Your Artistic Statement (Journaling)



Once you register you will be contacted about payment:

Sliding Scale $8-$20 in Cash, Zelle, PayPal or Venmo

"Valeria pushed me to places emotionally and physically that I normally shy away from, but in the most honest and safe way where I felt entirely supported by everyone in the studio. She created a safe space from day one, and set the tone of honesty to all of us having a deeper connection and conversation every day. Her movement practices feed on the energy of the room, riding the impulse of where to push us next. Nothing she did was predictable and I love that. Instead of feeling like her (or any of the teachers) were "at the front of the room" I felt like we were on a journey together, growing together, and sharing ideas."