Valeria Gonzalez


"Working with Valeria has given me so much confidence & knowledge of myself & others. I never knew all the emotions I carried till working with VALLETO & Valeria. She has also teared down so many of my insecurities and thoughts of 'what if'. It's nice to have Valeria as an example in my life for so many reasons! She allows me to not worry about others but myself. Valeria gives you this strength without even knowing you had it in the first place. It's almost this awakeness in you that Valeria just helps shine light on it & guide you in some way."

Alyssa Perez

1 on 1 with VALERIA

1:1 mentorship with Valeria is a NEW offering package for women and non binary humans – who are ready to tap into their feminine power.

“The femenine is the FEELING part of us, our intuition, our sense of community and connection and sense consciousness.”

Regena Thomashauer


I’m Valeria: a Pisces, a passionate creative, a dance artist, an educator, a mentor and a woman empowerment advocate who wishes to share the lessons and codes I have learned and mostly unlearned throughout my life. My hope is to inspire you to go fully after your dreams and to empower and unlock your inner confidence. 

I am currently based in Miami, and I am fully immersing myself in my self practice as a choreographer, and embodied mentor. In addition, I am looking into working again as a producer because I enjoy both parts of my careers: the dance artist and the behind the scenes person.

“I’m here to help you embody your creative self so you can design the life that you desire.”

Valeria Gonzalez



My offerings are designed based on my own style of mentorship according to each person. But we will also definitely tap into some of the practices and subjects that I am into lately such as: 

- Meditation
- Inner seasons (Menstrual cycle)
- The union of our Masculine and Feminine energies
- Visualization and manifestation
- Radical self-love and self expression
- Pleasure as power
- Unveiling the unconscious
- Tapping more into our imagination (creative processes)
- Feminist praxis


A great opportunity to:


Express yourself freely.

Gain tools to stand in your power as a creative.

Discover your artistic statement and manifesto.

Uncover your purpose. 

Gain full connection to your power and femenine spirit. 

Gain a deeper sense of confidence.

Create your passion/business project.







Valeria Gonzalez

Valeria Gonzalez is the founder of VALLETO, an all female contemporary dance-theater company that focuses on the empowerment of women through projects, performances, heal projects, and education. Val is known for her unapologetic choreographic work that speaks to the female experience- touching the hearts of the audiences throughout her performances, and experimental collaborations. Valeria founded VALLETO in 2014 as the culmination of her passion for dance, production, community, radical activism and education. In addition to her degree in Communications and TV Production from the New York Institute of Technology, her Masters degree in Dance from New York University and her Graduate Certificate in Women and Gender Studies- Val also studied under several dance and creative inspirations whom helped her find her own voice- such as Shannon Gillen, Ohad Naharin, Sidra Bell, Phyllis Lamhut, Rashaun Silas, Hector Hernandez, Luciana Achugar, Jill Johnson, Alexandra Wells, Bobbi Jenne Smith, Susan Landgraf, Gioconda Barbuto, Pam Pietro, Andrea Miller, Elia Mrak, Isaac Hernandez, Talya Sato, Anne Marie Duchene and more. Some dance programs she completed include The Ailey School, and Ballet Divertimento, in addition to intensives such B12 in Berlin, Gaga in Tel Aviv and New York, and MIP in New York. Besides her experience in dance Val has also worked full time as a Producer in the fast paced news industry in New York at NBC News. From 2019-2021 Valeria was a Faculty teacher at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Val is now based in Miami, Florida where she continues to teach, work and choreograph for VALLETO, and is excited to expand her community in this great city.

"Valeria creates a space for abandonment and uninhibited expression that’s rooted in the complexities of women’s experience. She intertwines fully embodied and raw movement with the unleashing of emotions, and I’m honored to be able to enter this space."

Sarah Gottfried



Individual private session

6 week private package