Alyssa Perez



Alyssa Perez was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Being Cuban, Alyssa was always surrounded by the arts. Music, theater, painting and dance were the most important in her life. Alyssa began with theater before dance and then realized dance was the one for her. It made her feel more things than she ever felt with any other art form. Alyssa learned all styles of movement, including ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop.

Alyssa enjoyed ballet the most because of the confidence it gave her. She gained the most confidence through ballet. While working with VALLETO, Alyssa gained more confidence & knowledge of herself that she never knew existed. Valeria teared down a lot of insecurities Alyssa held while also allowing so much growth within Alyssa. Valeria & VALLETO gives you this strength without even knowing you had it in the first place.


It's almost this awakeness in your body that Valeria just helps shine light on it & guide the dancers in some way. The vibration Alyssa felt throughout working with VALLETO opened many more opportunities for herself & others in her life. Alyssa has gained so much inspiration and lifelong friends throughout the VALLETO process.Most of her choreographic works deal with life and what’s important to portray in that moment in her life.

She loves to put herself in uncomfortable situations/concepts to allow more space to grow. Having traveled across the globe to perform and work with Alicia Graf Mack, James Robey, Heather Schultz, Betsy Brandt, Eve Mason, Cleo Parker Robinson, Beckah Reed, Micheal Uthoff and Charlotte Griffin, she knows that she has a lot to offer and a lot to learn in the dance community.


“Working with Valleto has given me so much confidence & knowledge of myself & others. I never knew all the emotions I carried till working with VALLETO & Valeria. She has also teared down so many of my insecurities and thoughts of 'what if'. It's nice to have Valeria as an example in my life for so many reasons! She allows me to not worry about others but myself. Valeria gives you this strength without even knowing you had it in the first place. It's almost this awakeness in you that Valeria just helps shine light on it & guide you in some way."