Georgia Macedo



Georgia Macedo (Brazil, 1989) is an anthropologist and dancer. She’s trained in classical dance, circus aerial techniques, contemporary dance, and is currently researching in the field of contemporary dance and performance. Georgia works mostly with dance companies in the independent art scene in the city of Porto Alegre (RS / Brazil), has international experience with Les Gens de Uterpan (FR), and also has her own authorial work. 


Her first creation, Afluência, was nominated for the Açorianos Dance Prize (2019) in the categories show of the year, dancer, choreography, soundtrack, set design and direction. Georgia also works with indigenous cinema, being one of the one of the creators and producers of Mostra de Cinema Tela Indígena.

“Being in Valleto for this virtual season is much more than dancing together on a flat screen. It is to add volume to this screen. It means being with women from all over the world who love dance and use this art to communicate. It is knowing and listening to the voice of each of their bodies. Even though we are so far away".