Kat Rodriguez

DANCER 2017,2018


Kat Rodriguez, a native New Yorker, was classically trained under the direction of Nancy Turano at the New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble, where she had the honor of working with Sidra Bell, Andrea Miller, Bradley Shelver, Adam Barruch and more. After taking a few years away from Dance, Kat participated in the Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Center before joining VALLETO Dance in August as an Apprentice for Season 4.


Now a Company Member, Kat is honored to be a part of such an empowering group of female artists and looks forward to all that Season 5 will continue to bring!


“Our creative process is highly unique and incredibly inclusive. Choreography is never something pre-set or thrown at us at the start of rehearsals; we are given an opportunity to listen to Val’s intentions and execute them as our authentic selves in order to make the choreography that comes from our process as genuine as possible."