Jensen Renee Springer



Jensen Reneé Springer is a non-binary and genderfluid creative artist and performer from El Paso, Texas their pronouns are they/them. They have been involved in many projects, which include dance, theatre, and musical theatre. Besides VALLETO they have worked with choreographers Alexis Anderson-Chaves, Mark Chaves, Millie Heckler who danced under Rennie Harris, and obtained a partial scholarship to an intensive with Noble Motion Dance Company in Houston Texas, which has been named Houston’s Best Dance Company by the Houston Press three times. 



As well as a partial scholarship to an intensive Dance Italia, in Italy which unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak they were unable to attend either. They are expected to graduate in spring 2021 from the University of Texas at El Paso with a BFA in dance and hope to find work in a company and in the long term become a choreographer. Right now they are working as a dance instructor at Champions studio, and are excited to enrich and inspire the young talented creative minds at their place of work. They have been working with Valeria for a little over a year now and are incredibly grateful for the opportunities that VALLETO has unfolded and continues to unfold for them.


“The VALLETO experience is unparalleled. To be immersed in one of the safest spaces I’ve ever been a part of with a mentor, collaborator, creative, and choreographer like Val is so special. She makes you feel like you’re unstoppable and truly unleashes your inner badass."