Jessica Germano



Jessica Germano is a Toronto-based contemporary dance artist. She holds a BFA from Ryerson University, and has worked with Toronto-based artists and choreographers including Peggy Baker Dance Projects, Jane Alison McKinney, Bouchardanse, and Nostos Collectives.


Jessica has also had the pleasure of collaborating with internationally acclaimed choreographers such as Belinda McGuire, Johannes Wieland, VIM VIGOR, and Michel Getman. In addition to her artistic endeavours, Jessica is a dance educator, and certified barre instructor.

“Working with VALLETO has been a source of rich, inquisitive stimulation that has opened my mind to what might be possible for the future of collaboration, art, and movement. As the world adapts to the “new normal” everywhere we turn, it gives me hope that movers across the globe have not lost the desire to exercise their creative and physical muscles, finding ways to keep the spirit of dance alive. I am inspired by this team of artists, and I have been reminded that movement has the power to heal us all and this is what unites us. I was drawn to VALLETO for their genuine efforts to amplify female-identifying voices, and give them a place where they feel liberated, supported, and ready to take risks. Every day I am examining what it means to unapologetically be myself, and I feel I am getting closer to the answer through this collaboration with VALLETO. I am elated to be part of this process and I can’t wait to see what else this journey will bring".